Your Sports Nutrition Questions Answered - Dominic Schleuter and Jennifer Ho

Your Sports Nutrition Questions Answered - Dominic Schleuter and Jennifer Ho

2before Ambassador Dominic Schleuter talks with 2before's Jennifer Ho on The Running Effect Podcast, covering the role of carbs, meat, and how ice cream can make you faster!

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Look at the big picture. Let's not label foods as good or bad ... Ice cream can help you!
2before is the only product I know that hits both sides - it helps with performance and also helps with recovery.


  • (00:00:00) Intro 
  • (00:03:40) Sourcing the right knowledge is important, how do you become a Registered Dietician?
  • (00:06:30) How is a Registered Dietician different from a nutritionist?
  • (00:07:43) What's the best way to time your meals?
  • (00:08:58) Under- or over-fueled - is it better to eat too much or too little?
  • (00:09:38) What are the benefits of liquid calories?
  • (00:11:00) Can an animal-based diet work for athletes?
  • (00:14:00) Beef, chicken or fish - what's best for a distance runner?
  • (00:18:43) Should I eat sugar before a race?
  • (00:19:44) What's the role of protein?
  • (00:21:25) Does ice cream make me faster?
  • (00:25:20) What are staple foods a runner should include in their diet?
  • (00:53:20) How can supplements like 2before take my running to the next level?
  • (00:30:35) How do blackcurrants help with both performance and recovery?
  • (00:31:51) Blackcurrants taste like adult kool-aid!
  • (00:36:26) How is nutrition different for sprinters versus mid distance versus distance runners?

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Jen Ho - 2before Registered Dietician and Nutritionist

Jen Ho

Jennifer Ho is a highly accomplished Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a minor in Nutrition, and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Sports Nutrition emphasis. She is a Registered Dietitian in the United States.

Jennifer has worked with notable organizations such as the Utah Jazz NBA team, the University of Utah Athletics (Ski & Men's Tennis), the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the USA Volleyball Indoor National Teams.

With her expertise and dedication, Jennifer Ho provides valuable nutritional guidance to optimize the performance and well-being of athletes at various levels, making a significant impact on their success in sports.

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