Yes, we have recently updated our outer box. While we transition between the different packaging you may receive the old box version. The product inside is exactly the same.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the product please contact us at info@2before.com to log a return request. For more details on returns and refunds please you can read our policy here.

2before Performance Nutrition offers free delivery for all orders within the US. Shipping has a standard delivery time of 2-5 days in the US though our target is 1-2 days.

If your order did not show up, please contact us at info@2before.com with your order details and we will work together to find a solution.

All orders are shipped 7 days a week from our fulfilment warehouse. Any orders placed after 2pm will be dispatched the following day. Shipping has a standard delivery time of 2-5 days in the US though our target is 1- days.

We currently offer 2 pack sizes, a trial pack containing 3 sachets and a bulk pack containing 20 sachets. Depending on how much exercise you do will dictate how what size is best suited to your needs and how regularly you wish to reorder.

For first time pre-workout users, exercising 2-3 times a week we recommend purchasing the pack to start with. For seasoned pre workout users exercising 5+ times a week we suggest ordering the 20 pack to avoid running out before your next order arrives.

For value offerings, we suggest sizing up to our subscription service which ensures regular restocking at a discounted price.

Our team is located in Auckland, New Zealand and we have warehousing and shipping in North America to provide fast and efficient delivery.

Please get in touch with us at info@2before.com as soon as you know you would like to change an order. We hope to accommodate the change but will depend on if the order has shipped.

2before Blackcurrant Pre-workout products should be consumed with water or combined in a pre-workout smoothie at least 30mins before working out. The product will reach its performance benefit peak 60mins after consuming and best performance and recovery results are seen through regular daily use.

Our products are a concentrated blackcurrant powder, when combined with water they have a tart berry flavor that has been gently sweetened with monk fruit extract. Depending on the volume of water used to combine will vary the level of concentrated flavor. We suggest combining with 6oz of water to begin with.

Our products are made in New Zealand through rapidly drying technology that concentrates and standardises blackcurrant anthocyanins, the naturally occurring active ingredient responsible for its functional benefits.

Yes, because our product is a powder packed into individual sachets it is very convenient to travel with and suitable to take within your carry-on luggage or throw into your gym bag, replacing that big awkward tub of pre workout you’ve been lugging around.