Switchback Electrolytes - Mixed berry Flavour - high sodium, natural hydration mix
Switchback Electrolytes - natural hydration mix for athletes
Switchback electrolytes - high in sodium, potassium, zero sugar with coconut water powder
Switchback Electrolytes - Mixed Berry - Supplement Facts and Ingredients
Switchback Electrolytes - Orange Flavour - high sodium, natural hydration mix
Switchback Electrolytes - Orange Dream - Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Switchback Electrolytes

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Flavour:Mixed Berry

Switchback is a high-sodium, all natural sports electrolyte with everything you need. 50 servings in every tub deliver:

  • 1,000mg sodium - keep your muscles hydrated while exercising
  • 400mg potassium - aids muscle contraction and supports sodium
  • Coconut water with electrolytes and b vitamins
  • Zero sugar

Switchback - Let's go farther together

Most electrolytes are filled with sugar and other artificial ingredients.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Jeremy Miller and Switchback.

Like 2before, Switchback is a brand made by athletes, for athletes. It's the result of combining personal experience with science to create the best possible formula - one that we trust because we use it ourselves.

Switchback electrolytes - high-sodium, all-natural hydration mix
Switchback electrolytes - high-sodium, all-natural hydration mix with 50 servings in every tub

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I’ve used a lot of different electrolyte mixes over the past few years and these are hands down my favorite so far. Flavor is very good and just the right amount of sodium for my needs."

Jackson C. ★★★★★

Switchback Versus Standard Electrolytes

More Sodium = More Hydration

Most electrolyte mixes have low levels of sodium, but when it comes to hydration, sodium and potassium are two of the essential electrolytes for hydration mixes because that's what you lose most through sweat.

That's because they help with fluid balance. Just drinking water means you’ll pee a ton. But adding sodium helps retain the water in your body.

Switchback versus other high-sodium electrolytes

Switchback Versus Sodium Electrolytes

Which Brands Have Enough Sodium?

Electrolytes with high levels of sodium have become more popular, especially with people who lose a lot of sweat.

The trouble is, but they're not always easy to get hold of.

If you're finding it hard to get your favourites in New Zealand and Australia, we have good news - our ingredients stack up.

Switchback and 2Before - Your Pre-Run Partner

Get More Out Of Your Exercise

If you ask us, “What’s better, blackcurrants OR electrolytes?”

We’ll reply “Blackcurrants AND electrolytes”.

That’s because electrolytes and blackcurrants help you perform better, but do it in different, complementary ways.

Blackcurrants help open up your blood vessels, so the nutrients in your electrolytes  can get to where they need to be faster.


Electrolytes are tiny, charged particles that help keep everything in balance. they make sure your muscles, nerves, and all the body's systems work together smoothly, so you can stay in motion!

Any time, any place, anywhere - really.

Electrolytes help keep your body balanced so they're great for general health, but around your workouts are where they shine brightest. By utilizing electrolytes before, during, and/or after your training you can perform optimally and avoid bonking.

Toss 1 scoop of electrolytes into 16-20 fl oz, give 'em a shake, and take your taste buds on a ride.

Use around your training sessions or during the day for a boost of hydration.