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Jason Fitzgerald on Caffeine, 2before and Running Performance

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Is caffeine the greatest performance enhancing drug available?

If you're not taking caffeine before your workouts and long runs ... that's probably a mistake, because caffeine is the most studied proven performance-enhancing drug on the market for endurance runners.

As you can see, Jason Fitzgerald (USATF running coach, 2:39 marathoner, and the host of the award-winning Strength Running Podcast) is a big fan of caffeine and what it can do for athletes.

We asked him to share tips on how best to use caffeine in your workout, and what the benefits of using 2before's caffeinated blackcurrant pre-workout might be for runners.

He noted that in addition to tasting great and helping with recovery, blackcurrant powder also works a bit like beetroot powder.

It's a vasodilator that opens up your blood vessels and allows more blood to flow. He compares it to being almost like doing a dynamic warm-up before you go running in how it metabolically primes your body for exercise.

I really do love this stuff: the antioxidants, the caffeine content and the vasodilation benefits of these blackcurrent berries are really helpful for performance and recovery.

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